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A renowned landmark steeped in decades of military heritage, Normanton Park was originally built as a home to commanders and officers. In keeping with times, Normanton Park is currently being transformed into a new residential landmark of nine residential development towers rising above the rolling hills of southern Singapore.

It’s time for you to play a part in this new beginning.

Normanton Park


A view from the window can be visually rewarding. Look afar at heights to enjoy a possibly spectacular panorama, while a view within may include meandering water bodies interspersed with lush landscaping. Whether on the ground or aloft, a picturesque vision awaits at every turn.

Site Plan

Normanton Park

garden home of the city



Standing upon an upland, Normanton Park brings about naturally-enhanced ventilation and scenic views which will create the most cherished moments at home with your loved ones. Unit options span one- to five-bedroom units including penthouses and villa homes of The Villa Collection.

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